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About the University of Brighton


This page contains information relating to the university academic calendar

Term and semester dates

University term dates (standard)
  2013–14 2014–15
Autumn Sep 30–Dec 13 Sep 29–Dec 12
Spring Jan 6–April 4 Jan 5–March 27
Summer April 28–June 13 April 20–June 12


Teaching semesters (standard)
  2013–14 2014–15
Semester 1 Sep 30–Feb 7 6 Oct–Feb 6
Semester 2 Feb 10–June 13 Feb 9–June 12


Some courses will have non-standard term/semester dates. Your school can confirm the term and teaching dates for your chosen course.

Full university calendar (available via staffcentral).


Award ceremonies

The winter award ceremonies will take place on:

  • Thursday 13 – Friday 14 February 2014

Further information about award ceremonies.


Open days and visit dates

See which events are currently taking place: