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About the University of Brighton

Admin and support departments


The role of the department is to support the university in planning, managing and maximising the value and use of its financial resources, in order to achieve its objectives in a sustainable, controlled and accountable way.

The five divisions of the department provide financial support services to the university, as follows:

Income and Payments

  • collects tuition fees from students and deals with all other sources of income
  • makes payments to suppliers, as well as reimbursing staff and students for travel expenses, bursaries and other items
  • is responsible for cash management and the university’s investments

    Manager: David Hall
    01273 642722, (fax: 642558),

Payroll and Pensions

  • manages the payroll of over 3,000 full and part-time staff
  • oversees staff pension contributions and membership records

    Manager: Ray Lott
    01273 642736, (fax: 642741),

Procurement Services

  • supports and advises on the purchase of supplies and services
  • advises on purchasing procedures and is involved in the negotiation of sector-wide contracts
  • is responsible for university-wide contracts for photocopying, stationery supply and insurance

    Manager: Julian Wood
    01273 642725, (fax: 642741),

Accounting Information Services

  • provides budget support to schools and departments
  • maintains and develops the university’s main accounting system and provides a Helpdesk for support and advice to users
  • provides management and financial information to budget managers, senior management, the Board of Governors and funding bodies
  • prepares the annual budget and financial statements of the university and its subsidiary companies
  • undertakes cost analysis complying with Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) guidelines
  • manages the tax position of the university and provides VAT advice
  • provides financial support to research contracts and a wide range of other income generating activity

    Senior Financial Accountant: Sarah Hare
    01273 642743, (fax: 642741),
    Senior Management Accountant: Ivan Bonsell
    01273 642702, (fax: 642741),

Financial Planning

  • supports capital funding and projects
  • undertakes financial appraisals and other project work
  • is responsible for financial forecasting and returns to funding bodies

    Manager: Bob Cook
    01273 642738, (fax: 642741),

Head of Finance
Mike Bewlock
01273 642720, (fax: 642741)

Deputy Head of Finance
Tony Richardson
01273 642723, (fax: 642741),

Departmental Administrator
Lesley Saunders
01273 642729, (fax: 642741),