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The colourful houses of Hanover in Brighton

Homestay hosts

We are looking for households to accommodate our students in Brighton and Hove.

If you have a room or rooms to let, we are looking for households who can offer short term or long term accommodation to our students. Homestay schemes are especially popular with international students, and UK/EU students also welcome the opportunity to live in a home environment.

What are students looking for?

Students are looking for comfortable rooms which are well lit and adequately heated. Most students have their own personal computers and expect internet access.

Location is important. Although some students have cars, it is best if the property is near to public transport, either on main bus routes or near railway stations. Ideally the property needs to be close to good transport providing easy access to campus sites.

Accommodation which shares communal facilities with the host is useful for first year students and international students who appreciate the home comforts that a family can provide.
As we also have a number of students on exchange programmes we are always interested in hearing from hosts who are willing to let to students on a short-stay basis.

Catered or self-catered?

You can decide whether you want to include meals with your room. We advertise both catered and self-catered homestays. See information about what to provide: meals.


Become a host for our international students

Hosting our students


"I found it rewarding to have visitors from overseas stay in my home and to see how their English improves."

"I really enjoyed accommodating various nationalities and learning more about the student's way of life, culture and religion."

Comments from our host families.