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Welcome to the Business Helpdesk

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Brighton is a large university with a wide variety of expertise that applies to business. If you think we might have someone or something that could help your business, don't hesitate to contact our business helpdesk where we will be only too happy to put you in touch with the right people anywhere in our organisation. We will follow up your enquiry and make sure you get an answer.

Call us on +44(0)1273 643098 or email

The University of Brighton has a new suite of Business Growth Programmes, which are all heavily subsidised, to help your business grow.

These programmes are funded from a range of sources including the Business Growth Grants from Coast to Capital and Greater Brighton City Region.

Business news

University launches new business network

University launches new business network
University launches new business network

University presents research into how Big Data can benefit businesses

University presents research into how Big Data can benefit businesses
University seminar looks at big data and how it can help business.

SME growth

For small and medium sized businesses in any sector. Knowledge Exchange, development programmes, grants and internships.


Green growth

Development support for small and medium-sized businesses in the environmental and low-carbon sectors, based in Sussex.


Organisational growth

Learning and development opportunities for organisations of all sizes that want to development their staff.



Business development support
Collaborations and services to help local business develop and support economic growth.

Training courses designed for your business
Design and delivery of custom-made or customised courses and quality assurance of in-house courses.

Specialist research facilities
Includes electron microscopes, human movement laboratory, category three microbiology laboratory.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Government-funded support to employ a university graduate for a strategic development project.

Product design and development
Includes technical consulting, product testing and materials analysis.

Environmental technologies and services
Includes research into sustainable buildings, waste management, nanotechnologies and biodiversity.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical research
Research and development of medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Creative and digital industries
Research and support for the development of the Brighton creative, digital and IT cluster.

Relocating to the south-east
Business support services and opportunities for businesses relocating to Sussex and Surrey.

Business consultancy
Draw on expertise in the labour market, innovation management, business processes from logistics to retail.