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Peter Adlington, Managing Director of Plastipack

Specialist facilities

From medical research laboratories to electron microscopes, our specialist factilities are available to businesses looking to outsource R&D or collaborate with us on research. Our specialist centres and units house not just equipment, but also highly skilled staff who can help you with their expertise.

Image and Analysis Unit, Brighton

Electron microscopy

The unit houses some of the most advanced microscopes in the south-east of England, including two state-of-the-art high-resolution electron microscopes offering both scanning and transmission electron microscopy. These can examine, image, and elementally analyse a range of materials including biological specimens, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical products, nanoparticles, geological samples, archaeological finds, and engineering components at up to 1 million times magnification with a visible resolution of one or two nanometres.

Moisture-containing samples can also be examined in their native state, using the latest ‘environmental chamber’ technology which can work at hydrated high pressure environments not previously achievable with traditional high vacuum electron microscopy. We regularly work with commercial organisations to deliver the highest quality of sample imaging and analysis.

Chemical analysis

We offer a wide range of analytical techniques, including structural, compositional, elemental and particle analysis. We have the capability to analyse polymers, biomedical materials, pharmaceuticals and soils.

For more information about the unit see the Image and Analysis Unit website or contact: Dr Jonathan Salvage on .

Human movement laboratory, Eastbourne

The laboratory offers state of the art technology for biomechanical and ergonomic evaluation. One recent study examined a device on a shopping trolley to ascertain whether it reduced back strain, other work has included postural and sensor evaluations.

Find out more about product evaluation at the Human movement laboratory or contact Kambiz Saber-Sheikh .

Category three microbiology laboratory, Brighton

This secure laboratory is currently used for work into infection control and is available for contract research in environmental and public health.

For more information on any of the above services contact: Dr Peter Fearon on .

Fitness and performance centre, Eastbourne

Offers cardiovascular equipment, weight areas, treatment rooms and fitness measuring equipment including isokinetic dynamometer which measures net muscle torque for various joints and movements. The centre can be hired for performance improvement by sporting teams, businesses and sports coaches.
To find out more contact Susannah Davidson on .

The Leaf Hospital, Eastbourne

Lecture room space and fully equipped clinical areas which treat NHS patients during term-time. Includes a surgical theatre for minor surgery, which is also suitable for a range of clinical and operational trials. A private physiotherapy suite can also be hired to suit specific clinical or training needs.

For more information contact Susannah Davidson .

Physiological mannequins, Brighton

SimMan® is an advanced, portable patient simulator for team training. The university’s School of Nursing and Midwifery has two adult mannequins and one baby which have been designed to challenge and test students’ clinical and decision making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. The mannequins include interactive, technologically-advanced software allowing learners to practice
the emergency treatment of patients.

For more information contact Victoria Molesworth on .

Media Enterprise Centre, Hastings

Offering the latest equipment for web, film, digital imagery and broadcast media, the centre provides courses, master classes and one to one consultancy for businesses and freelance specialists.

Find out more about the Media Enterprise Centre or contact Esther Brown .

The Culinary Arts Studio, Eastbourne

Highly equipped commercial kitchen and dining room available for a variety of uses including corporate team building, focus groups, food sampling, health and safety courses, photo shoots, product launches, and product and equipment testing.

Find out more on the Culinary Arts Studio website.



Are you holding an event in Sussex? The university has a range of conference and meeting facilities to suit you in both Brighton and Eastbourne.

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Our specialist research facilities include state-of-the-art high-resolution electron microscopes.