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Semantic Image Retrieval - The User Perspective

University of Brighton, UK

26th-27th March, 2007

The semantic gap is now familiar as that rift in the image retrieval landscape between the information that can be extracted automatically from a digitised image and the interpretation that humans might place upon the image. Widely perceived as a barrier to progress, interest in bridging the gap is running high. Thus far, however, most of the research effort is directed only at attempting to interpret the digitised raw image in terms of objects and scenes to which textual labels may be applied. That leaves unspanned the great conceptual distance between object labelling and the high-level human reasoning which situates those objects appropriately in the semantic space within which the great majority of real user queries are formulated.

True semantic image retrieval occupies these further reaches of the semantic gap, the focus of this conference lies in this difficult region.

Invited speakers

Featuring a keynote address by Corinne Jörgensen, a world authority on both theory and practice in image retrieval, the conference will include sessions by invited members of the image practitioner community, who will discuss their perspective on, and experience with, the management of semantic content and its recovery in response to expressions of real user need. These sessions will be complemented by invited presentations from colleagues who are working at the leading edge of research in content-based semantic image retrieval.

The conference will also include a report on the findings of an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project, conducted by a research team from the Universities of Brighton and Southampton, in which practitioners and researchers in image retrieval have contributed to an investigation of the possibilities for bridging the full semantic gap.

Full conference programme

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Thanks to the financial support provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, there will be no registration fee for this conference.


The conference will be held in the University of Brighton's Sallis Benney Theatre, which is located in Brighton city centre, opposite the world-famous Royal Pavilion.

Brighton is a cosmopolitan seaside resort on the south coast of England, offering a range of accommodation and restaurants to suit every taste.

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