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About the University of Brighton

Charitable status

The University of Brighton is a Higher Education Corporation by virtue of the Education Reform Act 1988. The university's full legal name is the University of Brighton.

Powers of the Higher Education Corporation

Under s.124 (1) of the Education Reform Act 1988, the university has power to provide higher education, further education and to carry out research and publish the results of such research. Section 124 (2) allows the university to do anything which appears to the trustees to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of providing higher education, further education and research.

Charitable status

As a Higher Education Corporation, the university is an exempt charity under Schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993. This mean that it is not registered with the Charity Commission but is regulated instead by the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) which is responsible for ensuring that the university fulfils its obligations under charity law.

Correspondence address

The University of Brighton
Mithras House
Lewes Road

The university’s trustees

The Board of Governors of the university are its trustees. Here are the details of the university Board of Governors, including details of all other charity trusteeships held by members as at 31 January 2014.

Constitutional documents

The university's primary constitutional documents are:

(1) The Instrument of Government of the University of Brighton dated 16 February 1993 creating the Higher Education Corporation in accordance with section 124 (3) and (4) and Schedules 7 and 7A of the Education reform Act 1998. The Instrument gives details of the constitution of the Higher Education Corporation.

(2) The Articles of Government of the University of Brighton which became effective on 2 December 1994 and were revised in June 2007. The Articles give details of the internal structures and running of the university.

Here is a copy of the Instrument and Articles (pdf).

Financial statements

The Full Audited Consolidated Financial Statements are available along with our Annual report. The Annual report gives further details of how the university has delivered its charitable purposes for the public benefit.

Benefits of our charitable status

As an institution with charitable status:

  • The university can reclaim tax from HM Revenue & Customs under the Gift Aid scheme, increasing the value of philanthropic donations made by UK tax payers by 25%.
  • Higher rate tax payers can also qualify for personal tax deductions on philanthropic donations made to the university.
  • The university pays no income tax and inheritance tax on gifts of money or property it receives. A bequest made to the university in a Will reduces the tax payable on the estate.
  • A gift of stocks and shares made to the university will reduce the donor's income tax liability, and makes the gift exempt from capital gains tax.

The University of Brighton has set up a disbursement advisory group to oversee the administration and allocation of all philanthropic donations received.

For more details about the fundraising activities currently undertaken by the university to raise money for specific projects, see our supporting the university information.