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Prof Avril Loveless

Professor of Education


Telephone: +44 (0)1273 643423



  • University Research Strategy Committee
  • Faculty Research Ethics and Governance Committee
  • School of Education Research Strategy Group
  • School of Education Research Review Group
  • Chair of University Professoriate Steering Committee


My research and teaching weave together three areas of theoretical and empirical work: understandings of creativity; pedagogy and teacher knowledge; and digital literacy within an early 21st century education system. These themes have developed from my practice as a classroom teacher, advisory teacher and teacher educator, and my research has been closely related to my professional practice. My current research interests are in the narratives of the learning lives of creative educators, and digital 'tools of the trade' for educators in times of reform.

After studying Psychology at University, I taught in primary schools before working as an advisory teacher for IT in primary education. I have been involved in teacher education since 1987. I have worked with artists and teachers in schools and was the chair of the 'Creating Spaces' network which promoted the creative use of ICT in education.

I have recently written a book with Dr Ben Williamson, Stirling University, focusing on learning identities in a digital age. Recent articles and chapters focus on two areas of my research interest: teachers' purposeful use of digital technologies in their pedagogical decision making, and narrative approaches to the pedagogy of creative educators who work in the 'margins' of the education mainstream.

I served as the chair of the Association for IT in Teacher Education (ITTE) and the convenor of the New Technologies in Education Special Interest Group in the British Educational Research Association (BERA). I was the editor of the international journal 'Technology, Pedagogy and Education' from 2001 - 2008; have given many international keynote addresses and been involved in collaborative projects with colleagues in the UK, Europe and Japan. I am a member of ITTE, BERA and a Fellow of the RSA, and chaired the CAL09 international conference in Brighton.


  • EdD Professional Doctorate
  • MPhil/PhD
  • MA
  • BA (QTS) Primary and Secondary - ICT Specialism & Education Studies
  • BA (Education).

Research interests

  • Creativity and learning
  • Pedagogy and professional knowledge
  • Technology enhanced learning and professional development.

Research projects

  • Narrative and Learning: International symposium and network
    Funded by University of Brighton
  • Body and Soul: Pilot project for ‘Creative Educators’
    Funded by Education Research Centre
  • Purposeful activity with ICT: making tacit understanding explicit: Collaboration with Universities of Nottingham, Keele and Oxford Brookes
    Funded by Teacher Development Agency
  • Research Review: ICT and Pedagogy
    Funded by Becta
  • Evaluation of BA (QTS) Complementary Placement
    Funded by Teacher Development Agency
  • Review of ‘Teacher Learning with Digital Technologies’: Collaboration with Universities of Nottingham and Oxford Brookes
    Funded by NestaFuturelab
  • CREATE: Creativity and Teacher Education Project Leader
    Funded by Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Creativity Development Fund, Universities of Brighton and Sussex
  • Developing conceptual frameworks for  creativity and ICT in teacher education Project leader
    Funded by Teacher Training Agency, Research and Development Award


  • Creativity and learning
  • Pedagogy and professional knowledge
  • Technology enhanced learning and professional development.

Selected recent publications


  • Loveless, A. & Williamson, B (2013) Learning Identities in a Digital Age: rethinking creativity, education and technology London and New York : Routledge

Chapters in books

  • Loveless, A. (2012) Body and Soul: a study of narratives of learning lives of creative people who teach. In Goodson, I.F.; Loveless, A.M.; Stephens, D (Eds) Explorations in Narrative Research Rotterdam:Sense Publishers
  • Loveless, A. (2011) Didactic Analysis as a Creative Process: Pedagogy for Creativity with Digital Tools. IN HUDSON, B. & MEYER, M. A. (Eds.) Beyond Fragmentation: Didactics, Learning and Teaching in Europe. Opladen and Farmington Hills, Verlag Barbara Budrich
  • Loveless, A. (2009) What could be? Creativity in digitized classrooms in R. Krumsvik (ed) Learning in the Network Society and the Digitized School New York, Nova Science Publishers
  • Loveless, A. (2009)  Thinking about creativity: developing ideas, making things happen, in A.Wilson (ed) Creativity in Primary Education 2nd edition Exeter: Learning Matters
  • Loveless, A. (2008) Moving from the margins, creating space with digital technology: wonder, theory and action in C.Palmer & Torevell, D. (eds) The Turn to Aesthetics: An interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in applied and philosophical aesthetics  Liverpool: Liverpool Hope University Press ISBN 978-0-9515847 pp189-199
  • Loveless, A. (2008) Creative learning and new technology? A provocation paper in J.Sefton-Green (ed) Creative learning London: Arts Council England. ISBN 978-0-7287-1413-7 pp61-73
  • Loveless A. (2008) ICT and Creativity in the Classroom in T.Horita & Y.Nonaka (eds) ICT environment for understanding classrooms Tokyo: Sanseido Bookstore Ltd (in Japanese)

Journal articles

  • Fisher, T., Denning, T.,Higgins, C. & Loveless, A (2012): Teachers' knowing how to use technology: exploring a conceptual framework for purposeful learning activity, Curriculum Journal, 23:3, 307-325
  • Loveless, A (2011) Technology, pedagogy and education: reflections on the accomplishment of what teachers know, do and believe in a digital age Technology, Pedagogy and Education Vol. 20, No. 3, October 2011, 327–342
  • Loveless, A., Denning, T., Fisher T., & Higgins, C (2008) Create-A-Scape: mediascapes and curriculum integration Education and Information Technologies 13 (4) December 2008
  • Loveless, A. (2008) EIT Special Issue: Valuing individual and shared learning: the role of ICT Education and Information Technologies 13 (4) December 2008
  • Loveless, A (2007) Preparing to teach with ICT: subject knowledge, Didaktik and improvisation, Curriculum Journal 18 (4)
  • Loveless, A., Burton, J. & Turvey, K. (2006 ) Developing conceptual frameworks for creativity, ICT and teacher education. Thinking Skills and Creativity. 1: 3 - 13

Research reports for external bodies

  • Loveless, A. (2009) Pedagogy and ICT: a review of literature. Coventry:Becta
  • Loveless, A (2007) Creativity, new technologies and learning: an update Bristol: Futurelab, 21 pages. Available Online
  • Fisher, T., Higgins, C. & Loveless, A. (2006) Teachers Learning with Digital Technologies: A review of research and projects Bristol: Futurelab, Available online:

Recent keynote presentations

  • The shape of a pocket Keynote for 'Losing Momentum' Doctoral Conference, University of Oxford on 14th June 2012.
  • 2010 What is IT good for? Keynote for EthicsNet Conference, University of Bristol on 16th June 2010.
  • 2009 Creative learning and ICT Keynote for ‘Creativity and Innovation at School’ Portuguese Creativity in Education Association Annual Conference, Psychology and Education University of Lisbon, on Saturday 7th March 2009
  • 2008 Create-A-Scape: mediascapes and curriculum integration Keynote for ‘Valuing individual and shared learning: the role of ICT. Conference for International Federation of Information Processors (IFIP) Working Group 3.5, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2008 Research as a creative activity Keynote for Doctoral School, Umea University, Sweden, May 2008
  • 2007 Moving from the Margins: creating space with digital technology for wonder, theory and action Keynote for ‘The Turn to Aesthetics’, Liverpool Hope University, June 2007
  • 2007 Who, where, why? Creativity in a Knowledge Society: developing an Anglo-Japanese perspective on creativity and digital tools Keynote for Japanese Society for Educational Technology Research Conference, Sapporo, Japan, May 2007
  • Opening up creative spaces: Learning to be creative with digital technologies in schools Keynote for national conference ‘Children, digital medias – learning and education’, University of Aarhus, Denmark, March 2006
  • ICT and Teacher Education: Creativity and Conceptualisation Keynote for Research Seminar, Tematice, MSH, University of Paris, France, November 2005
  • Creating Spaces in Teacher Education – wonder, theory and action Keynote for National Network for IT- Research and Competence in Education (ITU), University of Oslo, Norway, October 2005
  • Creativity in Education. Keynote for Joenssu University Learning and Instruction Symposium (JULIS) University of Joenssu, Finland, October 2005

Recent conference paper presentations

  • Fisher, T., Denning, T.,Higgins, C. & Loveless, A (2012) Research in educational technology: where have we been and where are we going? At European Conference on Educational Research, Cadiz, Spain, 18 - 21st September 2012
  • Fisher, T, Loveless, A, Higgins, C and Denning, T, 2010 Teachers’ knowing how to use technology. In European Conference on Educational Research, Helsinki, Finland, 25 - 27 August, 2010.
  • Fisher, T, Loveless, A, Higgins, C and Dening, T, 2010. Learning with ICT: Exploring a Conceptual Framework of ‘Clusters of Purposeful Learning Activity’ Relating to Teachers as Users of Technology. In: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Denver, CO, 30 April - 4 May, 2010.
Professor Avril Loveless

Professor Avril Loveless