International study at the University of Brighton

Pakistan - academic equivalencies


We require a Higher Secondary School Certificate (and completion of Standard XII Education) plus an acceptable international foundation year or equivalent. Students with an FSc will not be accepted straight onto a degree at the University of Brighton. Students with a Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce will also be considered for undergraduate entry.


We require applicants to hold either a good bachelor (Hons) of Technology or Engineering or a master’s degree from a Central University in Pakistan.

Private universities Public universities Letter grade system GPA English translation or equivalent
85%  75% / Distinction  AA 4.0 Excellent = 1st
75%  65% / Division I with 65%  AA 3.5 Good = 2:1
65%  59% / Division II with 59%  BA 3.0 Satisfactory = 2:2

English language equivalency

We will not accept a Pakistani English language qualification as meeting our minimum English language proficiency requirements