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Skimming stones on Brighton beach

Living here

Three south coast locations. Three different experiences.

You might already be familiar with Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings, but as a student, you will make friends with people who are new to the area, try out different activities and experience your home in a new way.

If the area is new to you, here’s a quick guide to things to do and see...

Brighton life

The Brighton Wheel

Home to three of our campuses, Brighton is just an hour from London. It has a reputation for being free-thinking and valuing different cultures and is known for its lively cultural and social life.

Dubbed an emerging super-city, it is home to a fast-growing, creative, digital industry, and elected the UK's first Green Member of Parliament.

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Eastbourne life

Eastbourne beach

Eastbourne is a large seaside town, 40 minutes along the coast from Brighton.

Considered the sunniest place in the UK, it is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

It has a variety of popular bars, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as affordable high street shopping, making it extremely well-liked by students.

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Hastings life

Hastings shops

An hour from Brighton and half an hour from Eastbourne, Hastings is a historic and beautiful town with a vibrant arts and live music scene.

It is home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe, the first castle in England built by William the Conqueror, a preserved Old Town and a strong local arts community.

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