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Logos & Mneme - inaugural lecture from Professor Miltos Petridis

Published 15 October 2012

Event 29 November 2012

'Big data' and 'Cloud' technologies provide data for industry, business and society of immense size and complexity. While creating both opportunities and challenges in terms of the structural and semantic complexity, integration and quality of the data, the wide availability of such data also raises issues of privacy, ownership, sustainability and ethics.

This lecture concentrates on the use of Case Based Reasoning (CBR) to solve real world industrial and business problems by retrieving, adapting and applying knowledge from past experience. The CBR approach will be illustrated through real applications to various engineering, business and societal problems, presenting case studies that the speaker and his group have been working on over the period of the past 20 years. These deal with the effective reuse of knowledge contained in past cases, concentrating on structural, temporal, spatial and social network knowledge-rich data.

Finally, Professor Petridis will share some insights into the future of reasoning through data, in terms of its potential to bring radical changes to both business and society.

During this lecture, Professor Petridis will illustrate memory retrieval and reuse of knowledge by both humans and machines.

Professor Miltos Petridis inaugural lecture

Logos & Mneme: Remembering to think and thinking to remember:
Solving real world problems using past knowledge and experience

Miltos Petridis
Professor of Computer Science

Thursday 29 November 2012 at 6.30pm

Huxley Lecture Theatre
Huxley Building
Lewes Road
Brighton BN2 4GJ

Light refreshments will be served after the lecture. All welcome.

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