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Prospective students at the University of Brighton

Apply for full-time undergraduate courses

Applying via UCAS

For all full-time higher education courses at universities and colleges in the UK, you should apply online at


Should I apply through UCAS?

You need to use UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) to apply for:

  • full-time undergraduate degrees
  • engineering foundation course
  • nursing and midwifery degree courses

Through UCAS you can apply for up to five different courses at different institutions that are listed in the UCAS directory. You can apply for a combination of degree and non-degree courses if you want to.

You cannot express a preference for a particular course when you first apply – list them in the order in which they appear in the UCAS directory.

Course codes

Each course has a unique UCAS code that you will find in our course finder. You will need to know the code of the course you want to apply for when you make your application.


Deadlines and important dates

1 September UCAS opens for applications for courses starting in September/October the following year.
15 October Closing date for all applications for medicine. (Check the Brighton and Sussex Medical School website.)
15 January Standard closing date for all other courses for UK and other EU applicants. If we have course availability after this date it will be indicated on our course finder. We have the discretion to accept applications from UK and other EU applicants until 30 June.
25 February

UCAS Extra opens. If you have applied to UCAS, used all your five choices and not received any offers, you may be able to apply through UCAS Extra for another course which is still offering vacancies. If we have courses which are available through UCAS Extra these will be published on the UCAS website.

30 June Closing date for all other courses for international (non-EU) applicants. (We do advise you to apply earlier if possible though.)
30 June

Closing date for applications through UCAS Extra.

1 July

UCAS Clearing opens. You can make a late application for through the UCAS system. You will be classified as being 'in Clearing' which enables applicants who do not yet have a place at university to find one.

Apply directly to us. If you have not previously applied through UCAS and you already have your exam results then you can apply directly to us through a process called 'Record of Prior Acceptance'.

15 August Clearing begins.


UCAS codes

When you are applying to UCAS you will need to use the correct UCAS institution code for the university.

Institution UCAS code
University of Brighton (BRITN) B72
Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) B74

Completing your UCAS application

How you submit your application to UCAS depends on what kind of applicant you are:

  1. I am a student at a school or college that is registered with UCAS
    All UK schools and colleges (and a small number overseas) are registered with UCAS to manage their students’ applications.

    If your school or college is registered you can get advice on your application from your teacher or careers adviser. To apply you fill in an online application and submit it to a member of staff. After checking your details, and adding the academic reference, your school or college submits the completed application online to UCAS. You pay online using a credit card or debit card.  You may also be able to pay through your school or college.

  2. I am applying independently in the UK
    Other UK applicants, who are not at school or college, apply online independently. You can get advice about your application directly from UCAS, or from a careers guidance service. You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS.

    Go to and follow the instructions.

  3. I am an EU or international applicant applying from outside the UK
    Unless your school or college is registered with UCAS, if you are an EU or international application you will need to apply online independently.

Advice is available from British Council offices and other centres overseas, such as your school or college. You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS.

Go to and follow the instructions.


There is a fee for making an application for higher education. The amount depends upon how many courses, universities and colleges you apply to. You can find out the cost of application from the UCAS website.

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra runs between February and June. If you have already applied to UCAS, you have used all five choices and you are not holding any offers, you may be able to apply for another course. You can use Extra to apply for courses which are still offering vacancies. If you are eligible for Extra, UCAS will contact you directly and the Extra button will be displayed in Track. You have to refer yourself to courses holding vacancies one at a time.

Offers and interviews

An offer of a place on a course at the University of Brighton or our partner colleges, and any conditions attached to that offer, will be communicated to you through UCAS. The conditions of the offer will usually be given as the grades or UCAS tariff points or a combination of UCAS tariff points and grades, that you will have to get in your final examinations. Find out more in our information on entry requirements.

Many of our courses select students via interviews, but being invited to an interview does not guarantee an offer.

All offers are made on the understanding that the information you have supplied is complete and correct, and that you undertake to observe the rules and regulations of the university.

International students require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, which you will need to make your visa application. We will send you your CAS once you have accepted an unconditional offer from the university.

Guaranteed offers and interviews through the Compact

The University of Brighton Compact is a partnership between the university and participating schools and colleges. Students at our Compact partners benefit from a range of support including guaranteed standard offers or interviews for some University of Brighton courses.

See if your school or college is involved by checking our Compact partner map.

Check out the courses providing a guaranteed offer or interview and how you should mention Compact on your UCAS application.


At the beginning of each academic year, all students must enrol at the university. This process entitles you to attend your course, use university facilities and be a member of the Students' Union. Enrolment can only be completed if all your fees have been paid or their payment is guaranteed. You will also need original documents (not photocopies) confirming your identity, entry qualifications and written confirmation of any scholarship or sponsorship arrangements.

If your application is successful, we will send you full details about the enrolment and payment arrangements.

Personal details

We may need to request further information before your enrolment can be completed. The university is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner – in the context of preventing fraudulent applications, we may disclose information to relevant government departments, police forces, examining bodies, the Student Loans Company and associated authorities.

Applying direct to the university

For part-time higher education courses, accountancy foundation, ACCA professional courses and English language preparatory courses you should apply direct to the university.


If you live, work or study in the south-east you could qualify for a guaranteed interview or offer of a place on a course if you meet the entry requirements.

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