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Student life at the University of Brighton

Study Support


Studentcentral is an online learning environment that helps students and staff manage their learning and teaching.

Using studentcentral you can access all the electronic information and communication tools that you will need at the University of Brighton, including: email, online library services, course material and other essential services.

For students, studentcentral is your one-stop-shop for all online information. As well as a customised and personalised view of your studies you have access to support information and online social areas.

For staff, studentcentral provides a tool to allow you to easily make materials and tools available to your students with little technical expertise.

ASK Study Guide

Although you'll find plenty of study support within your course especially in first year modules, course handbooks and tutorials - the ASK Study Guide is an online guide to help you make the most of your studies at the university.

For example, the New Student Area includes general advice on what to expect from university teaching (and what your tutors will expect from you), as well as advice on how to prepare for teaching sessions and how to manage your time.

The Study Guide also gives advice on how to tackle different kinds of assignments and includes a schedule of study workshop sessions available.

Find out more about the ASK Study Guide.

Studentcentral can be accessed from anywhere by going to

You need your username and password to login, which you get when you start university.

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