20 November 2019 Inaugural lecture: Embracing the Mess Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Rob Morgan, Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems at the University of Brighton, presents his inaugural lecture

Embracing the Mess

'Engineers are clever people who create igneous solutions to practical problems.  We deal with remarkable complexity every day but don’t like a mess.  But the world is often messy and quite ill behaved.  Despite years of effort, we still face multiple crisis in protecting our health, climate, and prosperity.  By ignoring the ill-ordered nature of the world are we over-simplifying the problem and missing the obvious solutions? Good engineering alone cannot solve the world problems, but can certainly help.  Perhaps it is time for engineers to ‘embrace the mess’ to find new solutions to old problems?

Drawing from his experiences in industry and current research, Professor Robert Morgan will illustrate how tackling messy complexity can lead to unexpected solutions. Examples will include how a tank of liquid nitrogen can be turned into electricity to balance the electricity grid and how a combustion engine help solve climate change'.

Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade 6.30pm

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27 November 2019 Brains at the Bevy: Flora Merrifield and the Brighton and Hove Women’s Franchise Society Bevendean Cooperative Pub
6.00pm - 7.00pm

Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 6pm, Frances Stenlake

This talk tells the little-known story of Flora Merrifield of 14 Clifton Terrace, Brighton. Her parents were Millicent Garrett Fawcett’s earliest supporters in the town, and Flora devoted her entire life to campaigning for women’s equality. As honorary secretary of the non-militant Brighton and Hove Women’s Franchise Society, she led the Brighton Road contingent in the Great Suffrage Pilgrimage to London in 1913, acted as secretary of the local War Relief Committee and of the 1916 Patriotic Housekeeping Exhibition, then chaired the Brighton and Hove Union of Women’s Local Government and Equal Citizenship.
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4 December 2019 Inaugural lecture: Juliet Wright, Professor in Elderly Medicine (BSMS) tbc
6.30pm - 7.30pm

​Professor Juliet Wright's research studies focus on the assessment of frailty in the elderly HIV population and she is currently supervising two PhD students in this area. Alongside the clinical team at BSUH she has supported the development of the Silver clinic for older patients with HIV. Frailty assessment is an emerging field in elderly medicine and she has recently started working alongside Professor Malcolm Reed in a joint medicine and surgical clinic assessing older patients with breast cancer.

Professor Wright also has a research interest in the management of hypertension in the elderly with respect to cognition and the accurate assessment and management of depression. She is collaborating with King College London in a study assessing palliative care needs in the elderly population and has received grants from the NIHR as well as from industry.

Details of this event will be confirmed nearer the time.

13 January 2020 Intro to DRIVA arts DRIVA Colonnade House 47 Warwick Street Worthing BN11 3DH
1.30pm - 2.30pm

Introduction to DRIVA arts DRIVA

Come and meet the team and find out more about the opportunity of DRIVA arts DRIVA: what support and resource is on offer and how it can benefit you commercially, creatively or both.
What could you do with access to data from one of the busiest airports in the world?
The DRIVA arts DRIVA project is unlocking sets of unique, real-time big data and helping tech innovators to build from it and arts practitioners to create experiences from it.
This free event is for anyone with an interest in the future of digital data-driven innovation, creative and immersive experiences for audiences - and the superfusion between the two. Hear from the University of Brighton team and other project partners about how DRIVA arts DRIVA can help you open up unprecedented opportunities.


Donna Close FRSA
Donna Close is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Brighton School of Media specialising in projects, partnerships and research that investigates the role that creativity and cultural production processes have in cultural, social and economic impact and in amplifying value. Current projects include: CLEVER, Arts DRIVA and XR Circus.
In practice, Donna is a creative producer and cultural strategist with 25 years’ experience as an arts and culture leader working across the private and public, commercial and cultural sectors. She has held senior roles in local government, higher education, large cultural organisations, creative SMEs and community and voluntary groups.
Stuart Hedley
Stuart Hedley is the Knowledge Exchange Manager (Creative Futures) at the University of Brighton. He leads on specialist academic, practitioner and industry-based knowledge relating to Creative Futures, including but not limited to art, architecture, design, media and humanities. Stuart has a strong track record of initiating and delivering successful cross-discipline, innovative, pan-institutional initiatives and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in higher education.

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