27 March 2019 Inaugural lecture: Toni Hilton, Professor of Marketing and Head of the Brighton Business School Sallis Benney Theatre
6.30pm - 7.30pm

27 March 2019

Toni Hilton, Professor of Marketing and Head of the Brighton Business School, will present:

The co-created life: meaning, purpose and learning                                                   

Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade

Service-Dominant Logic argues that Service is the basis of all exchange. Service is defined as the process of using one’s resources for the benefit of another and envisages active roles for all participants in the service exchange. Service outcomes are co-created by the integration of the resources of the participating actors. Actors’ resources have value potential that attract the resources of others.  Resource integration leads to resource modification that can enhance an actor’s resources and value potential for future exchanges.  We will explore co-creation as a learning process and consider how co-creation might bring meaning and purpose to daily life.

This event will be followed by a networking reception

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23 October 2019 Inaugural lecture​: Sumita Verma, Professor of Hepatology (BSMS) Chowen Lecture Theatre, Sussex Campus
5.30pm - 7.00pm

​Sumita Verma, Professor of Hepatology at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, will present her inaugural lecture. 

After obtaining her medical degree from the University of Delhi, Sumita came to the UK in 1992 and trained as a Gastroenterologist/ Hepatologist in Yorkshire (Hull, Leeds and York).  She subsequently worked as an Academic Hepatologist (Assistant Professor) at USC and JHUH. Sumita has developed Hepatology research at BSMS, receiving approximately one million pounds in grant funding. She has forged successful collaborations nationally (BSMS/BSUH, Nottingham, KCH and Surrey University) and internationally (Johns Hopkins University Hospitals). She is the academic Lead for Hepatology at BSUH and holds a Hon Consultant contract at the Institute of Liver Studies, Kings College Hospital (KCH) where she attends a post transplant liver clinic.​

Details to follow.

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30 October 2019 Inaugural lecture: Martin Smith, Professor of Geochemistry tbc
6.30pm - 8.00pm

Martin Smith is Professor of Geochemistry, a geologist, geochemist and mineralogist, and is the subject area lead for Geology. He has 25 years experience in geochemistry applied to problems in mineral deposit geology, hydrogeology and environmental mineralogy, and has been a Chartered Geologist with the Geological Society of London since 2012.

Details of the content of this lecture will be confirmed nearer the time.

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13 November 2019 Inaugural lecture: Valerie Jenkins Research & Education in Cancer (BSMS) Chowen Lecture Theatre
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Professor ​Valerie Jenkins' eclectic range of work experiences and research interests have culminated in the development of relevant, evidence-based educational initiatives for the benefit of healthcare professionals and their patients. Her research interests are wide, and include the impact of chemotherapy and endocrine therapies on cognition, intervention studies examining the effect of complementary therapies (including acupuncture, yoga and hypnosis) to alleviate side effects from cancer treatments, and also assessing quality of life in patients undergoing treatment trials.

Details of this event will be confirmed nearer the time

4 December 2019 Inaugural lecture: Juliet Wright, Professor in Elderly Medicine (BSMS) tbc
6.30pm - 7.30pm

​Professor Juliet Wright's research studies focus on the assessment of frailty in the elderly HIV population and she is currently supervising two PhD students in this area. Alongside the clinical team at BSUH she has supported the development of the Silver clinic for older patients with HIV. Frailty assessment is an emerging field in elderly medicine and she has recently started working alongside Professor Malcolm Reed in a joint medicine and surgical clinic assessing older patients with breast cancer.

Professor Wright also has a research interest in the management of hypertension in the elderly with respect to cognition and the accurate assessment and management of depression. She is collaborating with King College London in a study assessing palliative care needs in the elderly population and has received grants from the NIHR as well as from industry.

Details of this event will be confirmed nearer the time.