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About the University of Brighton

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Quoting urls

Here is some advice on linking to the university website.

1) Where possible we have tried to make urls as predictable as possible. You may well be able to guess most of them. e.g. for UoB research pages:

If it's a major 'conceptual' area of UoB, then we have tried to give it its own easy to remember url, one which is short and memorable enough to be used on printed materials.

Other examples are: (covers all the student services
and study support info)

If you want to link to a specific page within a section then you will need the precise url. (see note 3).

2) Linking to individual pages
As an example 'Research funding' can now be found at:

To link to this, you need to ensure that you use the whole url, including the suffix '?PageId=17' . The easiest way to find the url is simply to copy it from the browser address bar and then paste it into the Dreamweaver 'link' box. (Or you can right click on the link and just copy the location). Without this PageId the navigation system won't work as it should.

3) Sometimes it might appear as if there are 2 alternative urls for a particular section.
Both take you to the same place. In this case you can safely use the first one.

If you have any problems or enquiries please contact: