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Hyperloop One in tube

When sci-fi becomes business reality

Hyper-speed 760mph trains, crypto currencies, an urban monorail and augmented reality all have one thing in common: they’re being showcased by the University of Brighton.

Football photo by Edoardo Busti on Unsplash

Footballers’ skin tones may dictate the positions they play

Footballers of a darker skin tone occupy positions traditionally associated with athleticism and strength while players of a lighter skin tone are more likely to fill positions considered to need organisational skills and creativity, according to new research. 

TEF Silver Award

Teaching excellence

The quality of teaching experienced by students at the university has been judged to consistently exceed the rigorous national requirements for Higher Education in the UK.

Professor Christopher Joyce

Wetlands in a changing world

This inaugural lecture by Professor Joyce on 14 March 2018, will introduce the special features of wetlands and highlight research investigating the ecological implications of environmental change in European wet grasslands.